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Marketplace Shopify App

Turn your store into a marketplace where your sellers can upload and sell their own products while you take a commission on every sale.

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“I recommend Bold Marketplace to everyone I come across who might use it. It makes running a shop with multiple vendors SO easy!”

Marketplace Shopify App


    Marketplace is an amazing app that turns your store into a marketplace just like Amazon or Etsy! Merchants can submit their products to be listed on your store, creating products exactly the same way you would in your own store but completely through their own merchant portal, while you take a commission on every sale.

    When a merchant's product sells, it's just like any other purchase except all the details get pushed to the merchants portal as well so they can manage and fill the orders themselves. When they ship it, they enter the tracking info and it then updates the original order in your Shopify store.

    Merchants don’t even need to be selling a physical product, they now have the option to provide digital purchases that can be downloaded right onto their customers' computers!

    This app allows you to approve, edit, change prices, set commissions, set merchant controls and just about everything else. Run your marketplace the way YOU want to run it.

    • Bulk pay your merchants every week right in the app through PayPal.
    • Merchants have an order management panel that allows them to view and fulfill their own orders.
    • Set different commission rates for different product categories. Ex. 15% for electronics, 20% for clothing, etc.
    • Merchants create their own product titles, descriptions, prices, options, images, shipping rates and everything else.
    • Store owners can edit products and merchants if needed.
    • Customizable automated email notifications for merchant sales.
    • Create info pages in your merchant portal for resource pages such as FAQ's, terms and conditions, tips and tricks or anything you want, no coding required!

    In a nutshell, this app allows you to turn your store into a marketplace like Amazon or Etsy, where merchants can submit their products to be listed on your store! When one of their products sell, they handle everything related to the shipping and you take a commission.

  • FAQ

    Is there a liquid update to my store required?

    Nope, there is no code update required! The only modification you'll need to make to your store is to add a link to the "Merchant" or "Reseller" admin. Usually people put this down in their footer.

    Do I need a PayPal account to use this app?

    Yes you do. You can use this app without one, but to pay your merchants you'll need a PayPal account with the "Mass Pay" feature enabled.

    Can I charge a "listing" fee that merchants will pay whether or not their item sells?

    Commissions are linked to the sale of products. The Marketplace app will not charge merchants a fee simply for uploading or listing a product.

    Is there a maximum number of products that can be uploaded?

    You can create as many products as you like with the Marketplace app.

    Is the site that vendors log into responsive?

    Yes, the merchant portal is responsive.