<strong>Loyalty Points</strong> Shopify App

Loyalty Points Shopify App

A TRUE loyalty points program for Shopify: customers earn points through purchases then redeem them in your store!

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Loyalty Points Shopify App


    There are a lot of referral programs out there, and those are great, you can even keep using them! But this is the first TRUE loyalty points program for Shopify and will blow those out of the water.

    What's the difference exactly?

    A referral program generally gives some kind of a coupon for an action. For example, "Like us on Facebook and receive a 5% off coupon.” The Loyalty Points app gives customers points when they buy something, which they can later redeem as a form of payment on a purchase. No coupon codes required!

    With the ability to import customers from existing apps, customize redemption options, implement membership tiers and see trends with our built-in analytics and reports, you’ll never need to use another loyalties app ever again.


    Bonus Points
    Need to promote a hard to sell product? We built in the ability for you to offer bonus points on them! It's a great way to promote a product without putting it on sale. You can even award points to customers just for signing up.

    Custom Tiers
    Wouldn't it be awesome if you could put customers in different tiers that earned or redeemed points at different ratios, just like Costco? Good news, we built that in too!

    Customizable Redemption Options
    We thought of everything! Need to make some products cost more points than the normal redemption ratio? You can hand pick any product to cost more to buy with points. Need to exclude some products from your points program? You can do that too!

    Import Wizard
    Stuck with a crummy loyalties app and want to switch over? You can use our simple import tool to transfer all your customers into the app. Email addresses and the number of points are all that's needed.

    ‘Smart’ Points
    One of the most common headaches with loyalty programs are customers forgetting to login when they make a purchase and then not collecting the points. So we built a solution for that too: when a customer makes a purchase the app assigns the points to the email used on the order, and you can even manually adjust or override customer points yourself.


    The Loyalty Points app allows you to reward your customers for making purchases in your store. Points are awarded based on the items users have paid for, and can be redeemed for free merchandise when enough have been accumulated. The app can incentivize customers to select certain products, retain them for future purchases, and increase their average cart value!

  • FAQ

    Is there a liquid update to my theme required?

    Yes there is a fairly big liquid update required to mainly your Product and your Account templates. We have detailed instructions how to do it if you're good with code. If you're not comfortable doing that kind of stuff, not to worry! We are more than happy to do it for you!! On the liquid instructions page there is a link where you can send us your request.

    How exactly do customers redeem points for products?

    If a customer has enough points to purchase a product, a "Buy with Points" button will appear on the product page. When customers buy with points it will create a regular order in your Shopify admin.

    Seems like a big app, can someone help me set it up?

    You bet we can! In fact, as soon as you install it one of our account managers will reach out to you right away to setup a call to walk through getting your Loyalty Points program set exactly how you like. We're here to help you be successful!