<strong>Bold Brain</strong> Shopify App

Bold Brain Shopify App

Analyze your store's orders and make recommendations to your customers based on data.


Bold Brain Shopify App


    The Bold Brain tracks how your customers shop and suggests upsells based on the data it collects. Once you install the Brain, it will immediately generate upsells for you to approve with the click of a single button. It then tracks the additional revenue created by our upsells, showing you an instant ROI.

    Plus it's FREE!

    Save hours of your own time while increasing sales: The Bold Brain will personalize your upsells based on information gathered from your customers.

    Checkout how one store increased their sales over $11,000 in a few weeks, by using the Brain!

    • Tracks your ROI in real time: Easily see what upsells created by the brain are making you the most money.
    • Automatically sets up upsells for you, increasing the amount of every sale that goes through your store and saving you hours of work.

    Wouldn’t it be great to download an app and have all the work already done for you? No guessing what products to offer together, no time spent trying to ‘figure out’ how the app works.

    With the Bold Brain, all you have to is download the app, open it, and your upsells will be waiting for you to activate.

    It’s literally as easy as clicking a single button!

    How does it work?

    The app matches products from your store that are frequently purchased together, automatically generating upsells based on real-time data collected from your customers. All you need to do is click ‘accept’ and the upsell will be up and running on your store.

    Don’t like the recommendation? The brain will generate another custom pairing for you to approve.

    Once set up, we’ll analyze your sales and track the revenue created by our upsells, showing you an instant ROI.

    What’s critical to the success of the Brain is the ability to stay ahead of the curve: recommending upsells your customers actually want, rather than making guesses and seeing if they’ll pan out.

  • FAQ

    What does the install process look like?

    The only thing that requires actual code in a template is our recommendation widget. It is only one line of code, and you just need to copy and paste it where you want it.

    Once I install, can I use it right away?

    We do need a bit of time to learn from your data and generate recommendations. Depending on how much data you have, it can take up to a few hours.