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Earn revenue as a Bold Affiliate partner

Bold partners receive recurring revenue through referrals when clients use Bold apps and solutions. Working together, we can help merchants grow and shape the future of commerce.

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Partner with Bold on Shopify to earn revenue and grow your business with recurring revenue share, lead referrals and priority support.

How Bold supports your success.

Recurring Revenue Share

We offer a competitive revenue share on recurring app fees and transaction fees from apps you install on your clients’ stores.

API access and technical docs

Access our APIs and technical documentation, right from your Partner Dashboard. Our robust APIs mean you can customize, tweak, and integrate our solutions to meet your clients' specific needs.

Learning Support

Our dedicated Affiliate Partner onboarding team will walk you through an out-of-the-box demo of our solutions. The goal is to help you better understand how our apps can help your clients succeed while accelerating your growth.

Champion For Your Brand

As a Bold Affilate Partner, you will be added to our Partner Directory to increase your visibility in our ecosystem. When the fit is right, we refer clients to our Affiliate Partners and explore opportunities for marketing, branding and sponsorship together.

Priority Support

As a Bold Partner, your clients will receive priority support from our large, industry-leading Client Success team. Any merchant referred by one of our Partners will be put at the top of our support queues with our highest level SLA. We’ll ensure quick and accurate responses to get your clients back to doing what they do best — selling.

Sales Support

Whether it’s pre or post-sale, we’re here to help you and your clients feel comfortable with our solutions. We offer demos, answer questions and work with your team to find the right fit for your client’s specific needs. Bold apps can be creatively customized and packaged to solve unique business problems, and we're here to help every step of the way.

Dedicated account manager

Select Affiliate Parterns will work with a dedicated account manager to deepen our relationship through education, building solutions together and ensuring you and your clients are set up for success.

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Become an agency partner

Let’s build commerce experiences together

Unlock more revenue with Bold's Checkout Experience Suite. Create scalable, custom-tailored, high-converting commerce experiences across all channels for your clients.

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Become a technology partner

Let's lead innovation together

Bold builds innovative commerce experiences. We work with technology Partners that aim to deliver differentiated, unique checkouts anywhere so brands can make every moment shoppable.

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