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Frequently asked questions

What are some companies you’ve worked with in the past?

We’ve worked with high-volume merchants including Jeffree Star, Zippo, Timbuk2, Brooklyn & Bailey, and Lucky Tackle Box. No matter the size of your business, our apps and suite of eCommerce tools will help you take it to the next level.

What are Bold’s apps used for?

Our apps are tools you can use on your store to offer products to customers in a more effective way, focusing on key areas including subscriptions, selling in multiple currencies, wholesale & b2b, the payment experience, personalization, and digital merchandising. all of our products are designed to boost your revenue while giving you more time to focus on your business.

Why should i use Bold’s apps instead of your competitors?

Here at bold, we put one thing ahead of everything else: our merchants’ success. we have an in-house team of over 240 eCommerce specialists who will ensure everything is working the way you want it. If you choose our apps, you’ll never be left to fend for yourself.

Is Bold GDPR compliant?

All of our apps are compliant with GDPR, PCI, and DSS standards to protect you and your customers’ personal data at all times.

How do i install an app? Can you install it for me?

All of our apps include detailed instructions so you can install them yourself, but if you need assistance, you’ll have the option to use our automated app-installer, or someone from our merchant success team can help you out with whichever step you’re stuck at.

Can you tweak apps to match my theme?

Of course — from small tweaks to customizing the look of our apps on your storefront, we have a team of in-house specialists who can get the job done for you. contact our merchant success team for more information.

Can i try an app before i buy it?

Almost all of our app includes a free trial so you can make sure it suits your needs before you ever pay a penny for it. Take a look at our individual app pages for more information.

Can i uninstall an app at any time?

You’re free to uninstall an app whenever you want at no additional charge. But remember, we’re here to help you through any issue you’re having.

Usually, merchants uninstall an app because they’re confused by a function or are having trouble figuring something out. So before you uninstall, make sure you contact our merchant success team for help.

Do you offer bulk or referral bonuses?

We sure do. If you’re looking to install more than one of Bold’s apps on your own store, we offer bundled discounts on most of our apps. so the more you use, the more you save.

We also offer a partner program which allows other eCommerce experts to get rewarded with recurring revenue for installing Bold’s apps on their clients’ eCommerce stores.

Can your servers handle a high amount of traffic?

We regularly work with high-volume merchants, using multiple redundancies so every server has a back-up. some of our apps also utilize auto-scaling, which allows them to provision more servers when demand increases, then remove them once the load is gone.

What platforms do your apps work on?

The majority of our apps currently work out-of-the-box on Shopify and can be integrated with any platform through our API. We have also started expanding our apps onto Bigcommerce.
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