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The ultimate sales tools for eCommerce.

Help grow your revenue by pairing together features from five of Bold’s highest-converting apps to create a custom sales solution for your store.

True upsells

Encourage customers to spend a little more by offering them an upgrade to the item they’ve selected, replacing the original product in the cart.

Bold Upsell

Offer customers a complementary product to the item they’ve already selected, adding it to the cart alongside the original item.

Bold Upsell
Offers on the product page

Once a customer lands on your product page, they're shown relevant products to the item they're viewing. E.g. Cross-sell a memory card or carrying case for the camera they’re viewing, or suggest a better-quality, more expensive model.

Bold Upsell
Offers on the cart page

Customers on the cart page are more likely to have a stronger intent to buy, so it's even easier to convert them at this stage of the sales funnel. With this option, customers would be offered the add-on product or upgrade once they've placed an item in their cart and are preparing to check out.

Bold Upsell
Upsell funnels

Make a series of upsell offers to encourage customers to add more products to their cart.

Bold Upsell
Daily deals

Rotate "deals of the day" using your collections, automatically starting and stopping sales based on what day it is.

Bold Discounts
"Compare-at" price

Show customers exactly how much they’re saving by displaying the regular price of your sale items in a "compare-at" price field.

Bold Discounts
Auto-tagging (Shopify)

Set Shopify smart collections to automatically include products with certain tags, making it easier to organize and plan sales. This is great for adding a ‘Daily Deals’ page to your site that includes your sale items, or to automatically promote them on your front-page collection.

Bold Discounts
Flash sales

Run timed sales to put your whole store, a group of products like a collection or brand, or a few hand-selected items on sale for a select time period.

Bold Discounts
Countdown timers

Create urgency by displaying a fully-customizable, live countdown timer on every item on your store so customers can see exactly when the sale ends.

Bold Discounts
Descending sales

Create sales with descending percentage amounts as time passes. E.g. Offer 50% off storewide at midnight, reducing it to 40% off after 1:00 a.m., then 30% off at 2:00 a.m., etc.

Bold Discounts
Sale icons

Display icons on product pages to let customers know exactly which products are on sale. You can choose one of the many included icon options, or upload your own custom design.

Bold Discounts
Schedule sales

Save yourself time and stress by scheduling your flash sales and daily deals ahead of time.

Bold Discounts
Interactive promotions

Let customers know exactly how much more they need to spend to receive free shipping or a free product, with the progress bar updating whenever an item is added to the cart.

Bold Motivator
Custom banner text

Change the wording in the notification bar to best suit your brand, phrasing it any way you’d like. The dollar amount is automatically calculated based on the cart total, but the rest of the message - before and after - is controlled by you.

E.g. "You’re almost there: Spend $37.21 more and get free shipping,” or "Spend just $37.21 more to receive a free gift!"

Bold Motivator
Geotargeting *

Geolocation allows you to target your motivator messages by country, showing your promotions only to visitors from specific countries based on their IP address.

Bold Motivator
Stacked offers

Give your customers a reason to spend more by creating as many goals as you want. Try offering a free hat at $50, a free shirt when they spend $75, then a free hoodie if they spend $150, etc.

Bold Motivator
Flexible discounts

Bundles can be discounted by a percentage amount (E.g. 20% off the regular price when you buy two bundled items), or by a fixed dollar amount (E.g. $20 off when you buy two bundled items).

Bold Bundles
AI and machine learning

Automatically display unique product recommendations to each individual customer based on real-time data collected on your store.

Bold Brain
Store-wide sales

Make it easy for customers to shop your sale by bulk-discounting all of the products on your store, adjusting prices with just one click.

Bold Discounts
Bundle by product (group bundling)

Choose two complementary products on your store, set your discount, and you're done. Think: pairing memory cards with cameras, video games and consoles, socks with a pair of shoes.

Bold Bundles
Bundle by collection (mix-and-match)

Pre-select products that customers can choose from to create their own bundle. E.g. Customers can choose any top and bottom on your store to create their own outfit at a discounted price.

Bold Bundles
Buy X, Get Y (BOGO-style bundling) *

Pre-select products that customers can choose from to create their own bundle. E.g. Customers can choose any top and bottom on your store to create their own outfit at a discounted price.

Bold Bundles
Same product, multiple bundles *

You can include one product in up to 10 different bundles on your store.

Bold Bundles
Quantity badges *

Include quantity badges on the product image for multi-quantity product bundles, letting customers know how many of a certain product they need to purchase in order to qualify for bundle pricing.

Bold Bundles
Combo products *

A combo product is a new product that Bundles creates, letting your customers purchase all items in a particular bundle with a single click. If one of the items sells out, the app will automatically remove the combo product from your storefront.

Bold Bundles
Personalized product recommendations

Automatically analyze thousands of data points on your store, recommending products to each unique visitor based on previous browsing & search history, past purchases, similar customers’ behaviour and successful transactions. You also have the ability to present complementary categories based on where they are in the purchase funnel.

Bold Brain
Audiences (targeted emails)

Audiences help merchants segment their customers, automatically generating a list of customers who have viewed a specific product on their store, added a product to the cart but did not check out, or have successfully completed their purchase. You can then export the list, optimizing your marketing campaigns by creating a high-engagement email list for you to send retargeting emails to.

Bold Brain
Smart widgets

Display widgets on your homepage (or wherever you want) that contain your store's most popular products which are specific to a customer's preference at that time. This creates a completely personalized shopping experience for each unique visitor on your store.

Widgets include: “Most Popular Products”, “People Also Bought”, “Top Rated Products”, “Recently Viewed Products”, and “Recently Added Products”.

Bold Brain
Automatic implementation

Once Brain has made its recommendations, all it takes is a single click to approve, setting them up on your storefront in seconds.

Bold Brain
Cost of good sold (COGS)

Input your product costs to see not just the sales and revenue that you’ve made from your product recommendations, but the actual profits from each. Brain will then use that information to make future product recommendations to optimize profitability.

Bold Brain
Payment gateways you love

Supports dozens of payment gateways including Stripe, Authorize.Net, Moneris, Braintree, PayPal via Braintree, Elavon, CyberSource, Beanstream, WorldPay, and many more.

Industry-leading support

We have the experience and manpower to provide emergency support from a team of over 80 eCommerce specialists.

PCI & GDPR compliant

Data security is a top priority for Bold and our merchants. We are heavily invested in ensuring we are PCI, DSS and GDPR compliant to protect you and your customers’ personal data at all times.

Servers you can trust

We know global brands cannot afford downtime, which is why we have built our tools on industry-leading servers that scale on demand as your traffic increases, especially during high-volume events like a Flash Sale or Cyber Monday.

* Premium features

Post-purchase upsells

Combine Upsell with Bold Cashier to promote relevant cross-sell offers to your customers after their checkout is complete. All they have to do is click one button, and the additional product(s) will be added to their previous order without going through the checkout process again.

High-converting subscription recommendations

Use Bold Subscriptions with Bold Brain to analyze your store’s past orders, calculating how often specific products are purchased, and in which intervals. The app will then calculate an IQ score that determines how confident you can be in offering that product as a subscription.

You can accept the recommendation with a single click, adding the product to a recurring order subscription group.

Automatic upsells and cross-sells

Use Bold Upsell with Bold Brain to match products from your store that are frequently purchased together, automatically generating cross-sells based on real-time data collected from your customers. All you need to do is click ‘accept’ and the offer will be up and running on your store in minutes.

Bundle sales

Combine Bold Brain with Bold Bundles to automatically set up bundle sales on your store. The app will go through your inventory, pairing together the highest-converting product combinations to create product bundles, including ‘Buy One, Get One’ and ‘Mix & Match’ sales.

Build trust with customer reviews

You can integrate Yotpo with Bold Upsell to display product reviews before a customer chooses to upgrade or cross-sell to another product. Reviews are displayed right on the pop-up, helping stores increase conversions, build trust, and provide social proof.

Cross-sell on susbcriptions products

Pair Bold Upsell with Bold Subscriptions to create cross-sells for existing subscriptions. E.g. Offer customers a mug to go with their coffee subscription, or a hair accessory to go with their shampoo subscription.

Offer free gifts with purchase *

When combined with Bold Discount, Motivator can offer free products as an incentive when customers spend a certain dollar amount on your store. Customers can choose their reward from a selection of products, including variants such as the size or color they’ll receive.

* Premium features

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